5 Gift-Wrapping Ideas to Up Your Giving Game

5 Gift-Wrapping Ideas to Up Your Giving Game

Aug 22, 2022Jennifer Lindsey

So many people go to great lengths to find the perfect gift only to toss it into a generic gift bag, wrap it with whatever paper is on hand, or (gasp!) hand it off unwrapped. As someone who makes pretty packaging my business, literally, I know how important the presentation is to the gift-giving experience. But I also know how intimidating it can be to add that flair, especially if you don’t consider yourself particularly ‘crafty.’ These gift-wrapping ideas can help.

1. Reusable Boxes

Gift-Wrapping Ideas

When the gift-wrapping is beautiful and functional enough to be a gift itself, that’s a big win! Finding a box that can be reused and cherished adds value to your gift. These boxes are versatile enough to use for any small gift and come in three different colors.

2. Container Creations

Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Mugs, cups, and bowls make wonderful containers for a gift-wrapping idea especially when you’re going for a theme. Here, I filled an enamel bowl with kraft crinkle-cut paper then added gourmet popcorn, a bottle of olive oil, and gourmet salts. Wrap the whole package with a sheet of cellophane, tie it off with a matching ribbon, and done!

3. Elevated Paper Wrapping

gift-wrapping ideas

Kraft paper isn’t boring, rather think of it as a blank gift-wrapping canvas ready for your personal touch. You can use a paint pen to write a quote or a message related to the person or the gift. Create fun designs on the paper with stamps. Or, get crafty with your scissors and/or folding a create something that goes with the time of year or gift theme – origami anyone?

4. Ribbons and Bows


Yes, ribbons and bows are a pretty standard part of gift-wrapping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz them up! Think outside the box so to speak when it comes to ribbon and consider velvet, satin, plaid, or embroidered options, or even materials like twine or cord. The same with bows; I love to use color and texture to make a statement with my gifts.

5. Extra Embellishments

gift-wrapping ideas

Another gift-wrapping idea is to add a little something extra to the package. Wooden gift tags are unique embellishments that can even be kept as a keepsake. Adding a sprig of greenery or a single stem is a beautiful way to bring in nature and color as well.

The Ultimate Gift-Wrapping Idea

If you’re local to the San Antonio, Texas area, you could always say forget it and let us do the gift-wrapping instead! We offer a gift wrap service with discounts available for multiple packages. It’s a great way to save time and effort during the holidays, birthdays, graduation, and more when you’ll be wrapping gift after gift after gift. Or, if you just want that special flair that comes from a professionally wrapped gift. 


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