Create a beautiful wine bottle wrap using just two items!

Create a beautiful wine bottle wrap using just two items!

Aug 28, 2019Ellie Holmes

The season for dinner parties is here!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are three and four months away. Think about the number of events those holidays take you to!

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up the gift of a wine bottle for your host, think about the aesthetic. You could put it in a gift bag or box or maybe even a reusable shopping bag that’s sized for wine. But a simple dinner towel will do the trick.

You could also buy one of our gorgeous gift baskets, but that’s another chat for another time 😉


  • One standard size bottle of wine
  • One dinner towel -- these are easy to find at any home goods store or even Amazon.
  • Ribbon (long enough to wrap around the bottle and tie a decent size bow)


  • Fold the towel into a triangle. Thank your kindergarten teachers during this step.

  • Lay the bottle in the center of the folded towel.

  • Take one of the corners and wrap it around the body of bottle

  • Tuck it in underneath the bottle just a bit. Not quite a swaddle, just a good tuck.

  • Take the other corner and fold it upwards along the edge, to help shorten the length.

  • Then wrap it around the body.

  • Once you have your wine burrito or wine baby, tie it with the ribbon.

And voila!

Let us know how this helped and share photos with us in the comments or on Instagram!

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