DIY: How to shrink wrap a gift

DIY: How to shrink wrap a gift

Oct 01, 2019Ellie Holmes

September is wrapped up and October is here. I feel like we say this every month, but seriously, WHERE did the month go? 

Plenty of people like to plan early for holiday gifts. Is that your experience? Whether it is your planning personality or because you have too long a list to wait, getting a head start is never a bad option. 

But—how are you planning to wrap those gifts? If you're new to shopping with us, we have a variety of DIY shrink-wrap kits.

You can pick one of the following:

Coarse linen — you pick the color! 

Grosgrain Ribbon — you pick the color!

Satin Ribbon — and can you guess? You get to pick this color too! ;)

OK, so, you buy one of these (or two or three or four), but then what? How do you actually put it together? 

You are lucky we like you. We made you a quick-sheet and video!

These steps should help you in your shrink-wrap adventures. 


1: Arrange your gift. 

2: Place gift in bag

3: Fold silde flaps under. You can use tape to secure them if you'd like. 

4; Gather the bag at the top and secure with your item of choice — twine, string, tape, rubber band, etc...

5: Begin to shrink with heat. Start at a distance and keep moving so shrink wrap does not overheat and create holes. 

6: Top it off with a bow or additional ribbon of your choice! 

We hope our products inspire you to add a little pizazz and personality to your gifts! 

As always, tag us in your final products on Facebook and Instagram! 

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