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Jun 04, 2019Carson eCommerce Collaborator

Hi and welcome to Inspired Wraps!

We are so excited you’re here and have chosen us as part of your gift-creating and gift-giving journey.

This blog is the newest feature to our shop’s site, so, to get started, we wanted to take time for you to get to know our founder and crafting connoisseur, Jennifer. Writing these blogs will be me, Ellie! I work on social media for Inspired Wraps.

Here’s my Q&A with Jennifer! Comment below and let us know who you are, where you are from and what your favorite product in the store is!


Q: Why did you start Inspired Wraps? What was your inspiration?
A: There were a couple of circumstances that contributed to beginning Inspired Wraps. I began making small gifts and school supplies for my daughter’s preschool class. I found a love for it and thought I would try my hand at selling homemade gift-wrapping supplies on Etsy.  Of course, I found my customers want to be creative themselves so I concentrate on providing supplies.

The other contributing factor was an abundance of supplies.  I have always loved to make and wrap gifts.  I’ve spent too much time and too many resources shopping and collecting items for crafting and gift-wrapping.  I was either going to share my findings with others or drown in them. 

Q: How/why did you pick the name?
A: I honestly feel that whenever I create anything, it’s not of me – it’s an inspiration. I receive an idea and I’m merely the vessel making it happen. It’s come in many forms throughout my life, cooking, photography, fine art, floral design, but these days it’s gift-wrapping.

Q: When did your love for gifting start?
A: As a child, with my grandmother. Her Christmases were beautiful and lovingly elegant. She wasn’t a perfectionist, but everything was done so well. She taught me how to wrap and tie a big, poufy bow.

Q: Have you always been “crafty?”
A: Since birth. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t making something.

Q: What is your hope for Inspired Wraps?
A: My hope is it becomes a household name for gifts and gift wrap.

Q: Beyond selling a product, how do you hope to serve customers?
A: Serve or suffer! I strive for excellent customer service. I always ship either same day or next day, I love to give free gifts and I strive to be accommodating in anyway I can. Beyond excellent service, I aim to be a springboard for creating aesthetically memorable gifts because the success of almost anything rests largely on the presentation.

You can read more from Jennifer here.

Happy creating,

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