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How to Put Together a Gift Basket

Sep 30, 2022Ainee Hamza

Gift Basket

Aah, the gift basket; it’s a favorite to give but often a nightmare to put together if you’re doing it yourself. What do you put in it? How do you make everything go together? How do you wrap it?  It boggles the mind really because they look so simple but getting that professional gift basket look and feel is truly an art form. And one we happen to love! These tips can help make it easier, and dare we say, fun!

1. Pick a theme

That’s the key to making the items you select “go together” so to speak. To choose, consider the likes, hobbies, and interests of the person you’re giving the gift basket to. Or, the occasion for the gift. Make sure the container goes with the theme as well and ideally, is something the gift recipient can actually use.

2. Set a budget and shop

Don’t, we repeat, don’t go shopping without setting a budget. It’s such a slippery slope with gift baskets because the individual items are often inexpensive and then you get on a roll with ideas and next thing you know you’ve spent way more than you intended.

3. Prep your space

Putting everything together is so much easier when you give yourself enough space and have all your essentials ready. So clear off a large table or even a space on the floor and make sure to have scissors, ribbon, tissue paper, take or glue, and cellophane sheets, plus of course your container and gifts all gathered together.

4. Build the basket

First, you’ll want to add a layer of tissue paper or shredded filler paper to the bottom of the container to help prop up the items. Note: If your container is large you may want to add kraft paper or a small box that you can cover to help with spacing. Then, place one of your largest items in the center of the container and add taller items behind it and shorter items in the front. Use softer gift items to fill in the gaps in the container.

5. Assess your creation

Once everything is placed in the container, eyeball it to make sure labels are facing forward and there are no price tags visible. Then, once you are satisfied with the look, use glue or tape to secure the items in place.

6. Wrap the basket

Use either cellophane sheets or a cellophane bag to wrap the basket. The bag is often easier as you simply lower the basket into the open bag then twist the top, tie the ribbon, and add a bow that ideally goes with the theme.

gift basket

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