What Should You Use to Fill a Gift Basket?

Jul 25, 2022Jennifer Lindsey


Along with the receptacle, the base of your gift basket really sets the tone of your gift.  There are many materials to choose from. Here I will discuss five natural, earth friendly options.

  My personal favorite and the one we sell at inspired wraps is recycled crinkle cut kraft paper.  I find it to be very versatile, it comes in a wide variety of colors and you can dress it up or down. I lean towards a more rustic look which the brown kraft paper lends itself well.  Also, it can be fluffed up well meaning you don’t need a ton of it to fill a space. For these reasons it’s my number one choice.
#2. Natural Excelsior 
  Excelsior is a great option if you’re shipping items, it provides a heavy-duty cushion for breakable and fragile items.  Just 8 ounces can support 3 pounds of weight. Excelsior is very thick padding. Shredded from hardwood and 100% biodegradable, it is a fine shred with an off-white color which gives it an elegant look, in my opinion.  If your goal is to keep your items from moving inside your basket, Excelsior is the way to go. The con about Excelsior is it goes everywhere. In my experience, your floor will be covered in shreds of Excelsior by the time you’re done!
#3  Sisal Fiber Shred
  Sisal is a material Shredded from the agave plant making it eco-friendly and biodegradable.  As a shred, Sisal is long and thin but stiff and strong and makes a nice stuffing for gifts and gift baskets.  Sisal is naturally off-white but you can find it dyed in many different shades.  Sisal is often used in floral arrangements as it easily holds its shape.  I would not recommend using Sisal with very heavy items.
#4  Raffia Grass Shred
  Raffia is obtained by stripping the Raffia palm tree leaves making it another eco-friendly, biodegradable option.  When they strip the palm leaves, the long strands of raffia are green which are then dried in the sun turning them a varying color between a dull yellow and an off-white.  Raffia is available died in many colors.  Raffia makes a great filler for Easter baskets as it is very close to the texture of grass.  Raffia is easy to use as it doesn’t require much clean-up.  They also make much stiffer, longer strands of raffia you can use as a bow on the finished gift basket!
#5  Newspaper/Magazine Shred
  The final option we like is a simple newspaper or magazine shred.  We like the idea of doing a children’s gift basket with comics or colorful magazines.  Newspaper shred for a coffee gift basket is a great way to recycle any newspapers you have laying around.
Whichever filler you choose, think about the type of basket or container you’re using and the gift going inside. The filler should complement both items. We hope this helps and that you have found a filler that works for you!

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