Jennifer Lindsey, the founder of Inspired Wraps, was born with creativity running through her fingertips. At 10 years of age Lindsey's grandmother taught her how to wrap gifts and, while she has loved doing so since, little did she know she would make a career out of it!

Lindsey wanted to pursue Fine Arts in school but wanting to make a more stable income she shifted her focus to the culinary arts. After Culinary School she worked as a chef in the fast-paced kitchens of Pappasito’s, Paesano’s, and Whole Foods.   After 14 years of working in kitchens health issues made it impossible to continue and she had to pivot again.

After Christmas 2018 Lindsey noticed she had an abundance of ribbon, paper, and various gift wrapping supplies. She realized if she did not let them go they would overtake her space.  She began to sell what she could on Etsy where she found there was quite a market for specialty supplies. With her love of wrapping and putting together gift baskets it was a natural and seamless transition to turning her hobby into a business.

Inspired Wraps has since evolved into gifts as well as gift wrapping supplies. You will find a unique curation of nature-inspired gift wrapping supplies as well as thoughtfully-designed gift baskets meant for anyone who wants to think outside the generic department store box.  Lindsey also offers custom gift wrapping for local customers.

When she’s not busy wrapping, Lindsey continues to explore various mediums that pique her interest and inspire her. Whether that be playing guitar, printing black-and-white film photography, knitting, crocheting, sewing, or crafting projects for her young daughter, Lindsey is constantly keeping her hands busy. She also has another business called Microphonic where she upcycles vintage microphones and repurposes them into functional works of art. Between it all, she still manages to dedicate an hour to meditation each morning to help her stay grounded and focused.

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