Parsley Garden Gift Basket
Parsley Garden Gift Basket
Parsley Garden Gift Basket
Parsley Garden Gift Basket
Parsley Garden Gift Basket

Parsley Garden Gift Basket

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 ⚪️This gardening gift basket is perfect for the plant lover!  This basket includes Openly Pollinated, Heirloom, Non-GMO Parsley Seeds and Corresponding Plant Stake. Give this for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because!

⚪️You will receive 1 gardening gift basket in a square, wire, gathering basket measuring 5"W x 5"D x 4"H (12.7*12.7*10.16cm). Your basket comes shrink wrapped and tied with a twine and leaf bow and a wood gift tag(personalization optional) 

Your gift basket includes:

▫️1 pair garden gloves with digging claws. (one size fits most)

▫️1 twine dispenser with green twine( 7.75" long x 7" wide)

▫️Approximately 250 feet of 3 ply twine

▫️1 cast iron painted Parsley garden stake

▫️One pack of Openly Pollinated, Heirloom, Non-GMO Parsley seeds from sustainable seed company(see product info below)

▫️2 ounces organic soil from family owned Kellogg organics(see product info below)

▫️1/2 ounce super moss.

▫️1 Peat Pot

▫️1 plant lady enamel pin (optional)

⚪️Sustainable seed company:

“Our family owned Seed Company provides gardeners with over 1875 varieties of organic and heirloom seeds. We offer the largest variety available, making us the best source for Certified Organic Heirloom seed.”

Customer Service Phone: 707-703-1242

⚪️Kellogg Garden Products:

“At Kellogg Garden Products, Organic is more than a word on a label. Building Life – In the Soil, In Waterways, and In Communities – is what it means to us.  Every Kellogg Garden Organics and G&B Organics Soil and Fertilizer is OMRI Listed, compliant with the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP).”


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