Olive Leaf Tea Gift Set
Olive Leaf Tea Gift Set
Olive Leaf Tea Gift Set
Olive Leaf Tea Gift Set

Olive Leaf Tea Gift Set

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⚪️This Tea Set includes Olive products from the beautiful, south Texas, Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard.

⚪️Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard:

⚪️ “Olive leaf tea is one of the most common, traditional herbal teas used among Mediterranean people to treat disease. It has been used for centuries for the treatment of conditions and diseases such as the common cold, malaria and tropical illnesses.”

⚪️Your gift includes:
▫️2.5 oz Olive Leaf Tea
▫️4 oz your choice of Jam or Jelly
▫️Olive Wood Bark Bowl (see below)

⚪️“This gorgeous olive wood bowl has been cut from the cross-section of a branch, giving it a lovely natural edge and also a stunning grain through the centre.

This rustic olive wood dish is suitable for serving food and will not taint any food which is put in it, nor will food damage the bowl. You could also use this wooden bowl for storing keys, jewellery or even pot-pourri. In fact this bowl is so beautiful you could just use it as decoration!

This bowl is rustic in design and handmade, so each one is unique. Diameter is approx 5.5″, height is approx 1.6″. As the bark edging is a natural feature it will vary from bowl to bowl”

⚪️Your gift comes shrink wrapped and tied with an Olive Green Satin Ribbon


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